DrAngel Veterinary Housecall

Dr. Angel (Angelique Cucaro), DVM, ABVP, CVA, CVTP, CTPEP

My goal is to work with you and your pet in the comfort and privacy of your home to improve his or her quality of life by using an integrative approach in combining Eastern and Western medicine.   

Integrative medicine– Dr. Angel provides a combination of holistic Eastern care and standard Western treatments in the comfort of your home for your dog or cat.  Acupuncture alone or with Tui-Na (Chinese massage) and/or combined with herbs and a change in nutrition can be used to help to decrease your pet’s pain, to help your pet’s mobility and to treat multiple medical conditions.

Euthanasias– Dr. Angel also provides euthanasias at your home when your pet is no longer having a quality of life, thus, allowing your loved one to pass away with dignity in the peace and tranquility of familiar surroundings