Acupuncture housecalls

Before the housecall- Dr. Angel will want to know your primary concerns for your pet.  Its medical history can be provided by you or through your regular veterinarian in sending your pet’s prior history.  This includes: pertinent prior medical and surgical history, current medications and supplements, recent blood panels, xrays and/or ultrasound findings. It is vital that Dr. Angel review this information PRIOR to the actual housecall visit for acupuncture treatment.

During the housecall- the first visit takes longer (1 ½-2 hours) and recheck visits take a bit less (1-1 ½ hours) and involve: reviewing the pet’s most recent history, evaluation of the patient, doing treatments, providing treatment guidelines, and outlining a plan for holistic treatment and Western medicines that can be beneficial for your pet.

After the housecall– Dr. Angel will email you the assessment of your pet and the treatment plan discussed in caring for your pet.

Subsequent housecalls- Depending on your pet’s condition, it may take 3-5 treatments to see some improvement which may be a combination of decreased pain, improved mobility, decreased frequency of a condition such as seizures, itchiness, limping etc.  Ideally, treatments are usually done every 1-2 weeks initially; when a positive response is seen, the frequency can be gradually tapered to every 3-4 weeks and with many chronic conditions, many pets need to be maintained on every 4-8 weeks to continue their improved state.

Treatments– may include:

Dry needles– small needles are placed at specific sites for treatment of particular conditions

Aquapuncture– the injection of small amounts of fluid, usually vitamin B12 (cobalamin) at specific acupuncture sites

Electrical stimulation– the application of a low level of electric current to dry needles to further enhance the needles’ effects

Tui-Na- a combination of massage and acupressure (pressure applied to acupuncture points)

Chinese Herbs– When used in combination with acupuncture and nutrition, herbs can enhance the efficacy of acupuncture to treat various conditions.