Benefits of Dr. Angel housecalls- The benefits of Dr. Angel’s housecalls are to provide holistic care at home with acupuncture and Tui-Na in combination with Western medical care.  By having Dr. Angel come to your home, there is less stress and less displacement for the pet.  It is ideal for clients and/or pets with limited mobility.  By evaluating a pet in its home environment, its mobility can be more accurately assessed.   Also, multiple pets can be treated at the same visit.  This allows for a more personalized attention and more intimacy and privacy for euthanasia.  Some routine care can be provided with blood, urine and/or fecal samples (depending on the pet’s temperament and the owner’s ability to safely help hold their pet).


Limitations of Dr. Angel housecalls- Dr. Angel cannot provide full service care- that is, no treatments such as vaccinations, surgeries or dental cleanings or diagnostics such as xrays, ultrasound, laser or blood pressure measurements can be provided by Dr. Angel.  Note that no transportation can be provided to other facilities.